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Order faster and betterer using the Go-To app!

Ergh, aren't websites the WORST?! (No.) Lucky then, that we have access to a powerful sorceress who was able to make a Go-To ordering app for iOS and Android! After all, ordering stuff you like and want should be easy, painless, fun and VERY, VERY FAST, and that's exactly what this app ensures. Just log in once, and you're instantly part of the one-click ordering gang. Oh, the future is a wonderful place, isn't it?

Get your Go-To on the go! Say no to slow! It's what all the cool kids do, don't you know!


Fast Orders!

Fast Orders is ONE-CLICK ORDERING, using one of your saved credit cards, or via PayPal. Guys, one click! One dingin' click!

Magic Orders!

Magic Orders lets you setup a repeat order so our wizards can automatically send you your favourite products without you lifting a paw. You can edit or cancel a magic order at any time, and if you order products on the same day we'll group them to save you shipping costs. Magic!!

Order History!

Track your orders and suss when they've been dispatched, plus access a complete history of what you've ordered and where it's been sent, and what you ate for lunch that day.

*Please note app can not be used to find you a lover, track your calories, or order you an Uber.

Free Delivery! On USA orders over USD$100.  Same Day Despatch! On orders before 12pm (AEST) weekdays.  You look cute! Today.