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Haaaaalp, Go-To!

It's scary buying skin care online. What if it smells like rotten feta? What if it makes your skin, like, break? What if it looks shitty on your bathroom shelf? Don’t worry. Go-To is none of those things. But don’t believe me, I’m just the voice-activated dictation robot. Believe the company when they answer all of your skin care queries and fears with this comprehensive FAQ and tip megabase.

Need some help?

First up probably have a squiz at our FAQs and returns and refunds policy in case the answer is there. No dice? Then please contact the Go-To team via our online helpdesk. You should receive an email notification within 15 minutes telling you we’ve received your enquiry, and then a member of our support squadron will get back to you right away. Alternatively you can just use ESP and we'll do our best to pick up on your vibes.

Want a video?

Had enough of the words? Want to see some Real Life People talk? Watch our videos! It’s a bit fancy but we're real forward thinkers.

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