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Go-To! I've Got a Q!

It's scary buying skin care online. What if it makes your skin, like, break? Don't Worry. Go-To is none of these things. But don't believe me, I'm just the voice activated dication robot. Believe the company when they answer all of your skin care queries and fears with this comprehensive FAQ and tip megabase.


Press & Media FAQs

How can I let Go-To know I am quite the fan?

Come play with us on social media. We are @gotoskincare on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Grubzblerp: all of them. (We get to see all your cute photos if you tag them #gotoskincare)



Where should I direct my press enquiry?

Please contact Antoinette Barallon at Dynamic Duo PR. (antoinette@dynamicduo.com.au)



Product & Ingredient FAQs

Are the fragrances in your products natural?

Some people have concerns over synthetic fragrances and rightly so, because many are sensitising compounds, made using solvents and with residual allergens. With the exception of 0.5% of fragrance in Exceptionoil to make the the delicious, fully accredited Monoi de Tahiti really sing, the 100% naturally-derived fragrances used in our Go-To products have been thoroughly researched and tested (not on animals obviously!) prior to use, are approved by the strictest world fragrance body, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), and based on constant and serious toxicological research.



Are there any samples you can send me?

Not at this time. Sorry. However, if you have any skin care concerns and want to know which products will best suit you, we have a range of FAQ's (on this very page) to answer your concerns. And if it's particular sensitivities you're concerned about, all ingredients are listed for each product so you can check that out on the product pages. If you do purchase something that irritates your skin (highly unlikely as we have removed all known irritants and textbook nasties, but it can happen) we will refund your purchase. For more on our refund policies, click here.



Can I use Properly Clean as a makeup remover?

Properly Clean is perfectly capable of removing day-to-day makeup and skin care etc, however, if you are wearing a LOT of makeup, and have reapplied several times throughout the day or night, it might be wise to use a dedicated makeup remover or cleansing oil on the face first. That, or do a double cleanse with your Properly Clean.



Do you use peace silk for Face Case?

No. We looked into peace, or “vegan” silk, but chose to go with traditional methods. (It’s worth noting that Peace silk is not actually vegan, since it is still produced by an insect.) For a detailed explanation on peace silk, we recommend a trip to this site.   Our pillowcase is a cool 22 momme. Oh my gosh, you don’t know what momme is? You dingus! We totally knew what it meant from the get-go. (We didn’t.) Momme is how the quality of silk is measured and it’s been around for aggesss. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric and better quality silk. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. Cos’ we don’t mess around.   Mulberry silk is unique because of how it’s produced. Local farmers grow mulberry leaves for silkworms to eat and the resulting cocoons are spun into raw silk fibres. The silkworms of Bombyx mori moth are fed only mulberry leaves and their silk is some of the best available in the world.   Products made from 100% Mulberry silk (Face Case! Face Case is!) are among the most durable and luxe silk products going around. It’s 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. Oh, and it’s also 100% excellent. 



Does Go-To contain nasties?

Nah. It’s not really our thing. So you’ll find no parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum or synthetic colours in our products. (Or diamonds, but that’s by the by.)



Does Go-To have nanoparticles?




Does the SPF in Pinky-Nudey Lips! guarantee my lips won’t burn? 

Pinky-Nudey Lips! Has a guaranteed broad spectrum SPF 15 UV protection. So…. Pinky-Nudey Lips! will offer your lips 15x their normal burn time of protection. Meaning if it normally took your lips 10 minutes to be sunburned, you just earned yourself 150 minutes of protection. Clever you!



How is Super Handy different from Very Useful Face Cream?

In a nutshell (ohh, cosy! Nutty!), Very Useful Face Cream is for your face (and neck and chest) and Super Handy is for your hands and nails. It’s lovely and thick and nourishing, and would probably be a bit much for the skin on your face, to be honest.



How is Super Handy different to Exceptionoil?

In short, Exceptionoil is a balm/oil, and Super Handy is a thick, luxurious cream (… with plenty of oils in it!) While we firmly maintain that both oils and creams are great for your skin, the hands are covered in particularly thick skin, and are generally – due to hand washing etc - dry, chapped and thirsty, and need something much more viscous and thick than straight-up an oil, or, say, a lightweight body lotion. You can of course still use Exceptionoil on your hands and nails, but for a specialised hand treatment that delivers on nourishment (deep!) and absorption (fast!) equally, and will provide genuine and long-lasting moisturisation and barrier protection, Super Handy will be far more beneficial.



Is Go-To tested on animals?

No. Just Zoë. Go-To is completely cruelty free, and we have the CFF accreditation to prove it.



Is Pinky-Nudey Lips! as moisturising as Lips!?

While Pinky-Nudey Lips! contains every one of the deliciously nourishing oils and butters and Lanolin as our original Lips!, the fact that it contains zinc oxide for sun protection means it can’t offer the EXACT same level of hydration. So, we recommend wearing Pinky-Nudey Lips! through the day, and when you want a pop of colour and UV protection, and Lips!  at night, or when your lips are dry and sad and need serious rescuing.



Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We do our best to source environmentally friendly materials for all of our packaging. We are delighted that the Face Hero bottle and all components of Properly Clean are recyclable. The jar and lid for Exfoliating Swipeys and 100mL Very Useful Face Cream are also recyclable. The tubes used for Very Useful Face Cream, Super Handy, Lips!, Pinky Nudey Lips! and Exceptionoil (and their caps) are recyclable. The cardboard boxes housing Very Useful Face Cream, Exceptionoil, Exfoliating Swipeys, Super Handy and Face Hero are completely recyclable, sustainably sourced, and produced in FSC certificated facilities. The shipping boxes your order is lovingly packed in is also recyclable.



My Very Useful Face Cream is so... thick?

Hey. No name calling, you guys. Hilarity aside, the more solid form can come down to the external temperature around the tube, but it's also worth noting that a natural product like this can take a little more time to penetrate into the skin due to the lack of quick-sink-in mineral oils you would be used to in other, non-natural products. We recommend a quick warm up of the cream between your fingers before application, or better yet, using a toning/hydrating spritz or mist underneath your cream, which helps with slip and will make your product go further, too.



My Very Useful Face Cream seems to have separated into oil and cream?

This is perfectly normal. Ysee, Very Useful Face Cream, like all our products, is perfectly natural, and in the world of natural products there will always a little bit of variation. You are probably used to products and brands that utilise chemical stabilisers and mineral oils, which means everything is perfectly uniform, every time, but in a product without any of these chemical stabilisers, that same kind of stability is not as assured, and the ingredients can occasionally separate. Rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your product, it just needs warming up/blending between your fingers before application.



Oh no! I have experienced a break out since using Go-To!

Don't panic! Making a switch to natural products can sometimes cause a temporary 'detox' of the skin, (in the way of small breakouts, or even some dryness) because your skin is not used to something so pure. It's the same as drinking Diet Coke every day then switching to only green juices for a week - you're bound to get some kind of, um, purge. Alternatively, it could just be that all the lovely nourishing oils and butters in our Very Useful Face Cream or Exceptionoil are too heavy for your skin, and it needs a lighter touch, in which case, we recommend backing off for a few days and seeing what happens. Do you think there might be other things that might have caused the breakout...? A change of season, hormones, different diet can all mess with our skin. Have a think. Bottom line though, is that we hate thinking you're unhappy with your Go-To products, so please contact us at info@gotoskincare.com to chat.



What are the expiry dates for Go-To products?

Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys will last 24 months unopened (use Exfoliating Swipeys within six months of opening!) We recommend you store Exfoliating Swipeys in a cool place, with the lid on tight, avoiding contamination from un-clean fingers. All other Go-To products will last you 36 months unopened and 24 once opened.



What is the fragrance in Super Handy?

Gourmand orange blossom rose. Think posho English garden in the summertime.



What’s the difference between Bro-To and Go-To?

All Bro-To products use the exact same* formula as the Go-To versions…only they come in grey packaging, so many men feel safe and also very tough using them.

*One change: the face cream has a Manly Male Masculine outdoorsy -gunsmokey-woodsy-sexy scent that any cowboy would be proud to wear.



Where are Go-To products made?

We're an Australian-owned company who create our products in Australia, then make them in New Zealand... See? Australians and Kiwis CAN get along.



Who develops Go-To products?

We do. We are a private company, owned and operated in Australia.



Why is silk so much better than cotton?

Cotton pillowcases cause friction and folds between your skin and the pillow. All that tugging and creasing results in morning sleep lines. Over time, these seemingly temporary and benign sleep creases can turn into permanent wrinkles because you’re effectively ironing them in each night. Also, cotton is a moisture thief that draws out your skin’s natural moisture and all that lovely (very useful!) face cream you applied before bed. Finally, cotton disrupts and damages the hair cuticle, leaving you with rough and/or frizzy hair. Silk, conversely, allows the face to glide effortlessly over the pillow all night (no tugging/creasing/friction), doesn’t absorb moisture, and keeps your hair soft, smooth and blow-dried to perfection. You’ll just have to get your wrinkles the old-fashioned way: smiling/thinking/worrying.



Purchasing & Shipping FAQs

Can I buy Go-To as a gift and have it shipped as one?

Sure can. (And excellent idea, just quietly.) Just make sure you enter the details of who you are sending the gift to during the checkout process.



Can I buy Go-To in any shops?

No. We chose to have a make-believe shop on planet Internet instead.



Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?

If you want to change your order please email info@gotoskincare.com with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help, however our warehouse elves may have already sent it out. (They can't help it! They love to be efficient! It's not their fault!)

Unfortunately once the order has been shipped, it's yours. However, please check our returns and refunds policy here.



Can I order by telephone?

No. Sorry. We have arrogantly elected to be a 100% online business.



How do I check on my order?

If you made a purchase when you were logged in as a Goconut you can track your order from within your profile. Simply login and select 'View my order history!'. If not, don't worry, we'll send you an email when your goods have been despatched as well.



How do I contact Go-To?

If your tin and string isn't working, please try info@gotoskincare.com



Is it safe to use my credit card on gotoskincare.com?

Absolutely. We securely encrypt your data using a Comodo 128-bit security certificate to ensure your details and life savings are 101% safe-as, always. You can find out more about the certificate we use to encrypt your data by clicking on the padlock icon in your browser when accessing a secure page.



What about refunds and returns and stuff?

Yes, we offer all of this, please read in fascinating detail here.



What if an item is out of stock?

You will be alerted that we're out when you try to buy it, OR if we run out after you've already placed your order we will apologise profusely and then offer you the option of waiting until it's back in stock, another product or a refund.



What payment methods does gotoskincare.com accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Afterpay. We sadly no longer accept grape Hubba Bubba as payment, due to it being a very silly idea indeed.



When can I expect my order?

It will depend on which postage and handling option you selected at check out. See all of our Postage & Handling options here.



Will you give out my details to third parties?

Oh, totally! We feel you could really do with a penis enlargement and a fast-tracked college degree. Less hilariously: NO. Never. Gross.



Will you ship to me internationally?

Are you kidding? We'd LOVE to! Please check our shipping page for details and associated costs and to choose which carrier pigeon you like best. (Gavin is REALLY fast.)



Skincare Concern FAQs

Can I use Go-To if I have Eczema?

There is nothing in any Go-To product that will cause your eczema any harm, but everyone has their own individual reactions, so we cannot make solid claims either way. What we can say is that our Very Useful Face Cream has soothing amla berry in it, and our Exceptionoil has calming calendula in it, (great for soothing inflamed skin) and one testimonial from a beauty editor said it was tremendously healing on the eczema on her hands.



Can I use Go-To if I have sensitive skin?

We are very pleased to say that you absolutely can. In fact, our Very Useful Face Cream is dermatologically tested to be safe for sensitive skin!

Furthermore, Go-To Face Hero is full of anti-inflammatory and calming botanical oils making it fantastic for angry and sensitive skin, and Very Useful Face Cream, with so many lovely replenishing oils and butters, is also incredibly soothing. Sensitive-skin customers have had incredible results with these products, and also our Properly Clean, which contains Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of salicylic acid that has been shown to be a non-irritant.

Our Exfoliating Swipeys do contain lactic acid, the most gentle of the AHAs, but still something to be cautious of for those with sensitive or rash-prone skin.

Be sure to patch test Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys on an unseen area of the body before using on your face, just to be sure they suit, as levels of sensitivity vary for each user. When introducing these products onto the face, start by using Properly Clean a few times a week, building up usage over time to get to the twice daily. Stick to 1-2 a week for the Swipeys and be sure to wash off any excess product after about 30 seconds after applying.

As always, be sure to listen to your skin: if you do go through any flare ups, ease off on products to let it settle before introducing again slowly.

(May we also suggest you read these testimonials.)



I am male... can I use Go-To, too?

Of course you can! Skin is skin, and men age even faster than women. Hence why we launched Bro-To, the brother brand to Go-To, featuring exactly the same products, just in masculine, manly grey packaging.



I'm allergic to some preservatives, what's that Benzyl something-something I see you guys are using?

Every skin care product needs some form of preservative, and at Go-To we use nasty-free ones, readily available in nature. The only benzyl derivative in Go-To is benzyl alcohol which is in Properly Clean, Very Useful Face Cream and Exfoliating Swipeys. It is a naturally occurring compound commonly found in fruits, teas and essential oils like jasmine, hyacinth and ylang ylang. It is part of Geogard 221 which is a very mild preservative, and is non-sensitising and non-irritating, not to mention globally approved (even in Japan where it's VERY very tough to get approval). We would never use benzalkonium chloride or similar nasties. Yuk.



If I have acne, is it okay to use Go-To?

Yes, we in particular recommend Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys. Oh, and Face Hero can be surprisingly helpful for congested skin, too.



If I have dry skin, what are the best Go-To products for me?

All our products are suitable for you! But in particular our moisturising cleansing mousse (not foam, mousse) Properly Clean, our super nourishing face oil, Face Hero and the bestselling, lightweight but deeply hydrating Very Useful Face Cream. Oh, and some Exceptionoil on the body or dripped into the bath? Bloody perfect.



If I have mature skin, what are the best Go-To products for me?

All of them! They're all nourishing enough, and we all need anti-oxidants and moisturiser and exfoliation. We especially recommend using Face Hero underneath your Very Useful Face Cream at night, and using Exfoliating Swipeys at least 3x a week, for quite frankly, obscene levels of hydration and radiance.



If I have oily skin, can I still use Face Hero?

Yes! The right face oil can do wonders for oily skin. Here are six dot points to support this wild claim:

  1. Oily skin can be very dehydrated, and a hydrating face oil is a potent, rapid way to fix this. Ysee, oily skin comes about because the skin overproduces sebum (the "oil" that causes blackheads, congestion, blemishes etc) due to its oil content is out of whack, usually from over cleansing and exfoliating and stripping away all the skin's natural oils, making the skin very thirsty... which the body tries to fix by producing more sebum to compensate. Face Hero's nourishing, gentle oils delivers all the moisture and essential fatty acids skin needs to function properly, so the sebaceous glands chill out, and stop producing so much pore-clogging nastiness. Because of this, the right face oil can actually clear up blemished and congested skin. Imagine that!
  2. The skin's oils are nothing like the lovely, pure botanical oils in Face Hero. Two completely different things. One doesn't negate the other.
  3. Face Hero includes macadamia nut oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil and jojoba oil (which mimics the skin's sebum almost perfectly), all of which are known for their ability to balance and restore oily skin types.
  4. The skin needs moisture AND oil to work properly. Using just moisturiser isn't enough, (esp if you use an oil-free one because you have greasy skin.) Oils act as the skin's lipid barrier, acting like a kind of cling wrap to keep moisture in, and protect against dryness, super high or super low temps, over cleansing, and dry air (like plane air.)
  5. Face Hero contains a tonne of essential fatty acids your skin needs to stay properly hydrated, but which your body can't produce.
  6. We accidentally wrote six up there but meant five.



If I have oily skin, what are the best Go-To products for me?

In particular Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys. But all of them should be fine, even our face oil, Face Hero. Hot tipz: You may like to double cleanse, to thoroughly, gently remove excess oil and makeup. Keep Exceptionoil for the body/hair/nails, not the face. If you use a natural spritzer/mist, try applying your Very Useful Face Cream after the spritz, whilst the skin is still slightly damp, which stops over use.



If I have teenage skin, what are the best Go-To products for me?

All are fine, but since younger skin can be a bit temperamental we recommend using Very Useful Face Cream sparingly, (try applying your Very Useful Face Cream after a face mist/spritz, whilst the skin is still slightly damp, which stops overuse) since it may be a bit rich for your skin.



Is Go-To non-comedogenic?

While that term is highly subjective, we also believe that we can very safely say YES, we are definitely non-comedogenic. There is not an ingredient in sight in any of the Go-To products that would block pores... We leave that to those mineral oils and petroleum products we completely excluded. In fact, you could even say that Go-To is all about keeping the pores clean! Especially Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys.



Is Go-To safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes! As proof, Zoë, our founder has been through two pregnancies and used each and every product (and some you don’t even know about yet – ooooh, how exciting!) in the range both times. The main things pregbots need to be wary of in skin care are retinoids and retinol, BHAs (salicylic acid) and oil of bergamot and some soy products (only because they can worsen hyper-pigmentation.) And as we are completely free of these things, and all nasties, there is nothing you need to worry about in Go-To harming your little belly friend. (Or you.)



Will Go-To make me more attractive and popular?

What a ridiculous question. You're already the most popular and attractive person we know.



No Dice


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Send the Go-To Customer Service team an email. We love hearing from you.




Returns & Refunds

Don’t like what you got? Tough! You’re stuck with it.

Nah. We would never. (We would but legal said no.) We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products from the time of purchase.


Click here for all the gloriously dull returns details


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