Smelling approximately 92% better than everything else that exists or ever will, Exceptionoil is a do-it-all, do-it-oil that nourishes, soothes and conditions the skin, nails, heels, cuticles and hair.

Saturated with 100% natural oils and butters, including certified Monoi de Tahiti, your skin will very much appreciate the deep nourishment of this balm, proving it by instantly gobbling Exceptionoil up and leaving no greasy residue whatsoever.

Exceptionoil is outstanding when traveling, doubles as a lush body fragrance, is a must-have during winter AND summer, and will do a heckload more for dry, thirsty skin and all those 'rough bits' than that $4 body lotion you're using. No offence to that lotion, of course, but we've definitely smoked him.

Monoi de tahiti 60% (coconut oil, gardenia tahitensis flower extract, mixed tocopherol), sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, jojoba butter, mango butter, beeswax, shea butter, karanja oil, fragrance (monoi tiare), sunflower oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, tocopherol, totarol, rosemary leaf extract (anti-oxidant).

Good luck finding any of this stuff: Petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours, animal testing of any kind. Also: popcorn. There is definitely NO popcorn in this product.


Massage it into damp skin after a shower, soothe sunkissed bits (and because of the antioxidants, protect them from free radical damage) rub some between our hands and then run over the mid-lengths/ends of our hair for conditioning and sheen, add a few drops to our foundation for a gorgeous glowing complexion, rub it onto our cuticles, elbows, heels and knees and give tubes of it to our friends when we need a thoughtful, perfect and classy gift. (Too much?).

Keep Exceptionoil out of direct sun, and pop her in the fridge if she becomes all hot and melty.

Read more skin care tips from Zoe here

$51 | add to cart Exceptionoil is CCF (choose cruelty free) accredited and not tested on animals

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Real life reviews from real life people!

"I tried it in my hair this morning & I don't mind saying, it looks smashing. 💁"
@laraleamiller on Instagram

"This stuff has cleared up my exceedingly dry & cracked skin on my hands which I've been told is dermatitis. Ah-mazing stuff 🌸"
@popsy23 on Instagram

"I have a scar on my hip that was itchy and angry and not settling like it should. I had been using another oil that claims scars are it's thing and got no relief. Realised exceptionoil gives so much love to the rest of my skin so tried it just a few times - already scar is not itchy, not angry and so so much better. I felt compelled to write and say THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU"

"Absolute best oil ever!"
@blackpantry on Instagram

"I just wanted to share with you my absolute love over the Exception Oil. It's oily (the good kind), moisturizing, sexy and overall amazing... But mostly I love it because it smells SO DAMN GOOD. Like, SERIOUSLY, THE PRETTIEST THING I'VE EVER SMELT."

"And in case that you need an emergency do-it-all cream Exceptionoil will fix anything from dry heels to frizzy hair. It will protect your skin from the sun, wind or cold so it is great to carry it with you everywhere you go."
The Bride's Diary

"I'm loving this product! Exceptionoil is incredib..oil! Oil never use anything else!. #toomanyoilpuns"
@emilybecketttt on Instagram

"I had a delivery of the fabulous Exceptionoil and Very Useful Face Cream yesterday and just want to advocate how fantastic and miraculous they are. After just one day of use my skin is glowing and is healthily hydrated. I'm actually very amazed !!!!"
Rose Kyvelos via Facebook

"Omg just used my exceptionoil for the first time and it is so utterly amazing! Did a hair mask and it's made my hair glow. Thank you thank you thank you!"

"I have only just started getting crows feet the lovely little devils in the last few years, I apply Exceptionoil to my eyes everyday and have pretty much said good bye to my little friends which has made me just a little bit over the top excited."
Kristy via Facebook

"For a body oil that offers a serious surge of hydration, we're loving Exceptional."

"It is a multi-purpose product and I have noticed a marked improvement in my poor neglected dry legs (they’re so far away!) since using this product."

"Love this stuff....I have been using the oil as a night time moisturiser on my face and also as a serum after blow drying my hair.....its fantastic!!!! Thanks Zoe!"
Amanda via Facebook

"The smell oh my divine"
@nicolepallottahair on Instagram

"Enter, Exception Oil. It's one of those all-purpose products that once you use it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. "

"It will definitely be in my bag when I travel to Bali next month, as apparently it?s great for soothing 'sunkissed bits', and because of the antioxidants, protects them from free radical damage."
Helene Ravlich, NZ

"I have been using it on my preggy belly and boobs it is excellent!!"
@beccokate on Instagram

"I just started using this on my 9 month bump, its sooooo good :)"
@jess_bloxham on Instagram

"Without sounding like a Danoz Direct Ad, it really, REALLY works. It has honestly re-set my bar for body moisturisers. My skin drinks it up, and the rough bits on my upper arms and upper thighs (does anyone else get those bumps?) are gone."
Jenna via Facebook

"Smells divine ... Love this stuff @zotheysay"
@angimack on Instagram

"The oil smells DIVINE!! Reminds me of Goe Oil but smells even better."

"I used this for the most of last year and cried when it ran out."

"I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the entire range about 5 days ago I have really bad psoriasis on my upper arms, red raw to the point of bleeding at times and incredibly painful. I've been using exceptionoil on it for the 5 days I've had it and it is completely gone bar a light pink mark on my skin! I was going to take a before and after picture as I was pretty sure it was going to work, but couldn't actually bring myself to subject anyone to the before shot, but now I wish I had.. I've been struggling with my psoriasis to the point where I added longer sleeves to my upcoming wedding dress to help hide it, luckily I love that style because now I don't need them.. Thanks so much, I'm so stoked this has worked and thing you deserve kudos "

"We love it! It truly is the good oil 👏💋"
@shesaid on Instagram

"My current obsession is “Exceptionoil” from Go-To. It is wonderfully hydrating, can be used on just about everything, face, neck, hands and toes, and smells incredible. At night I cover my face in the oil and in the morning my skin is smooth and silky. Just the way I like it! And as a little bonus, it’s all natural, which my sensitive skin loves. It’s so easy to order online and arrives in some really cute packaging, which always brings a smile. What’s not to love!"

"I just got told I smelt amazing and had my face sniffed! I had just got out of the shower and rubbed some of this beauty on my face and in my hair! #awesomenessinabottle"
@mummacootes on Instagram

"I really loved the products. Wish the exceptional oil came in a bigger tube as I've been massaging and mosturising my baby with it few times a day. The eczema is looking a lot better with the skin less red and baby not itching as much. I have to admit I have been sneaky and been using the face hero on myself as well!"

"My skin just proposed to my tube of Exceptionoil because they are a match made in heaven. My cracked heels are now smooth heels, my bumpy thighs are now smooth thighs and my scaly winter skin is now glowing through my stockings. Out of all the products I've used this totally does NOT bother or aggravate my eczema at all! I’ve been layering it on my skin just before bed and I am going to sleep smelling so friggin good. I swear even my dreams have gotten better probably because I be smelling so nice now."

"We heart the collection's body oil - which leaves skin with a sexy, non-greasy sheen - and the delish-smelling lip balm. No doubt these will be your go-to products in no time!"
New Weekly Magazine

"Used it to shave my legs and it was fab! Closest shave ever and is seemingly fool proof, as for the first time ever I exited the shower not looking like Edward Scissor Hands tried to help a sister out with some shaving needs."
Sherrieanne via Facebook

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