Exfoliating Swipeys

50 pads

Single-use facial pads soaked in an all-natural solution that perfectly exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

Now. We all know exfoliation is an enormously vital part of any skin care routine, but not all exfoliation is equal. Chemical exfoliation, for example, (the use of naturally-occurring acids to remove dead skin cells, usually AHAs or BHAs) tends to give a far more thorough, even result than scrubbing your face with harsh, jagged particles. Which is why we much prefer it.

So, we combined the well-documented effectiveness of lactic acid, the most gentle of all AHAs, with ultra-hydrating essential oils to create a product that thoroughly removes dead skin cells (the cause of dull skin and congestion), refines skin texture, minimises the appearance of fine lines and deeply moisturises. And all in 60 seconds, and using just one sweet, disposable little cotton pad.

Exfoliating Swipeys were created to make exfoliation simple and fast, and leave you with skin that's healthy, happy, and is far better able to receive all those lovely moisturisers, masks and serums you spend all your money on.

Water, lactic acid, aloe vera, ethanol, propanediol, polysorbate 20, fragrance (natural mandarin and lemon), dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate.

Not invited to the party due to poor dress sense, bad attitude and well-documented social dyslexia: Petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours or fragrances, animal testing of any kind.

50 pads

Swipe 2-3 times a week: over-exfoliating is a terrible idea, and will leave you with sensitised, thin, raw skin. At night after cleansing, swipe a single pad all over the face and neck, avoiding the under-eye area. Leave solution on for one minute. Rinse face. Follow with serum if you use one, followed by a hydrating face cream such as Go-To Very Useful Face Cream (good), a replenishing mask, (better) or by eating a red velvet cupcake (best).

Important: When using AHA products, wearing daily sunscreen becomes even more crucial.

Less important: There's the cutest dog walking past our office right now.

Read more skin care tips from Zoe here

$46 | add to cart Exfoliating Swipeys is CCF (choose cruelty free) accredited and not tested on animals

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Real life reviews from real life people!

"these are the best exfoliaters ever! I've got to order my 16 year old daughter her own tub because she loves them too!"
@christwight on Instagram

"A recent repurchase 🙌🙌🙌 We were apart for a few weeks... Some of the most difficult times, but we are together again, Lou and her Swipeys 😌 A dreamy cocktail of lactic acid, and oils to nourish and balance your skin. If you have not tried these magical exfoliating pads, you need to!"
@the_beauty_vine on Instagram

"Our pick? The skin-brightening Exfoliating Swipeys, "

"Wow! I (heart) the exfoliating swipeys. I had doubts over the effectiveness of a moist wipe thing BUT after using one for the first time tonight I'm so impressed. Yay. No more blackheads and so fast and effective."

"I've never tried exfoliating with a wipe before, and I tell you, it's brilliant. My skin felt so fresh and glowy, and it took less than a minute - no excuses not to exfoliate any more."

"The Australian ex-beauy editor and creator of Go-To skincare, a natural, "does what it says" range, has a wit and a knowledge and passion for beauty that's infectious. We are addicted to her Exfoliating Swipeys."
British Vogue

"Love love love my swipeys! Fave product ever!"
@nickynanoo on Instagram

"I recently got Go-To cleanser and exfoliating wipes and they're really cool. The wipes are so handy to travel with, and the cleanser is awesome too - it gets rid of all your makeup in one go which makes life so much easier."
Lara Bingle, lifestyle.com.au

"Exfo time! If your skin has lost its glow, or is being all flakey, cranky and all round douchy, grab a tub of these bad boys from @gotoskincare. SUPER effective and such an easy no-fuss step to pop into your skincare routine!"
@abetterkind on Instagram

"I love these so hard. Favourite exfoliator ever."
@jen_r21_ on Instagram

"Love em! Super for travelling 👍👍"
@izakotka_14 on Instagram

"I've been using a swipey about two-three times a week and love the glowing effect they've brought to my skin."
Styling You Magazine

"My skin felt so fresh and glowy, and it took less than a minute - no excuses not to exfoliate any more. These are also super gentle and hydrating, and I can't wait to try the other products in the range if they're all as amazing as these."
makeupobsessives .com

"Obsessed!!! @gotoskincare x"
@melaniegrantdbc on Instagram

"These swipeys are ridiculous! My skin always looks and feels amazing after I use them and follow up with the Exceptionoil."
@littlelistofmine on Instagram

"For the most part, physical exfoliation is too aggressive 💪 for sensitive skin and can cause micro-tears, redness and inflammation on the skin. Physical exfoliators are scrubs with granules in them that scratch against the skin to break away dead skin cells. I prefer chemical exfoliators that remove dead skin cells by breaking them down gently with no need for a vigorous motion. That's why I ❤️ these Exfoliating Swipeys by Go-To Skincare, although I try to use them no more than once a week 😊"
@skinsitivity on Instagram

"Loving my swipey's @gotoskincare my skin just glow's like a very tired rainbow haha now can you make my baby sleep as instantly as you changed my skins surface?"
@possie84 on Instagram

"These have been #heavensent this #winter the best thing for my #skin by far and perfect for when I'm in a rush in the evenings and don't have time to do a full face exfoliating routine but want nice #smothskin under my #makeup #thankyou #gotoskincare"
@bellaura11 on Instagram

"Love these @gotoskincare @zotheysay used for first time last night & wow!!! Noticed a difference right away! and lips! Omg! My lips feel amazing! Have ordered the rest of the range! Absolutely love the products! Well done guys"
@anglovesthecatters on Instagram

"The Exfoliating Swipeys, how easy!! Its going to be hard to limit their use to just 3x a week, they feel sooo good. And it sinks right into the skin as if it was never there."

"My skin is glowing afterwards. My pores look clearer and my complexion looks like I'm 20 again."

"Hello easiest exfoliating thingys ever invented! ... These Swipeys leave my skin so silky smooth with no beads anywhere (hallelujah!!) and once again no dried up chemically skin like most exfoliating washes"
Kristy via Facebook

"This exfoliator is absolutely incredibly. I love that I don't need to scrub my face and buff away dead skin cells, the lactic acid in this product does it all for you and it's so gentle and mild that you can practically hear birds chirping as you use it."

@_tilda_griffin_ on Instagram

"I'm so glad I found go to and especially these swipeys! Last winter I had terrible allergies that showed in my skin, go to was the only product that didn't irritate my skin further and now my skin is perfectly clear! I'll never buy another brand again! 🙌"
@belloandstone on Instagram

"Cleansing wipes are an absolute must when in transit. These go-to Exfoliating Swipeys contain chemical exfoliant, lactic acid, to gently remove all traces of makeup and dead cells without stripping your natural oils. Believe us, your jet-lagged skin will be thanking you for it!"

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