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A deeply restorative, soothing and moisturising superbalm that rescues dry, cracked lips, and perfectly conditions happy, healthy ones.

Lip balms that promise the world and then work for three seconds, or make your lips even dryer and flakier throughout the day (therefore requiring you to use more…) have enjoyed their filthy little reign long enough.

Lips! has been meticulously formulated (by a very fussy beauty editor with stratospheric standards) with ultra medical grade lanolin, nourishing apricot kernel, avocado, almond, evening primrose, vitamin E and jojoba oils, as well as beeswax and soothing calendula and shea butter to ensure your lips are genuinely nourished, protected and conditioned. Offering pure moisture AND a barrier to keep that moisture in place = pretty great lip balmery, actually.

A touch of natural pomegranate gives Lips! its' flavour, and a sprinkle of 100% Moroccan pixie dust gives it its' magic*.

*This is not true.

Ultra medical grade lanolin, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin e, fragrance (pure pomegranate), pomegranate seed oil, calendula oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil.

But not these scoundrels, for obvious reasons: Petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours or fragrances, animal testing of any kind.


Apply to the tips of your hair after shampooing.

Hang on. That doesn't sound right.

Use the applicator to apply Lips! as required, and definitely before bed, extreme weather conditions, flying and underneath lipstick to keep your lips in tip bloody top shape.

Much better.

Read more skin care tips from Zoe here

$15 | add to cart Lips! is CCF (choose cruelty free) accredited and not tested on animals

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"Dry, cracked flu lips be gone! @gotoskincare lips! is the bomb-diggity & @zotheysay is a genius #gotoskincare #lips #amazeballs "
@amykatemaree on Instagram

"Oooooohhh Awesome order arrived today...wearing my Lips! NOW ! Will never wear other products on my lips again ♥"
@joolsbella on Instagram

"Hey there ZOË and the Go-to-skincare team, I have been a big Follower of Zoe's for a while now and as of last week I've finally tried out the skincare range. I started off small just getting things I needed at the time, so a couple lip glosses and the Swipeys! First off those Swipeys are beyond amazing!! They smell incredible and are so easy to use... aaaand your face feels so clean afterwards! Being from NZ, it was exciting to see they were born here too. The lipgloss I will add is one of the best I've tried. And one last thing the packaging is perfect and it makes me want to purchase more, I was so excited getting this in the mail. Just wanted to say thanks oh so much!! Love this product and can't wait to try the rest X"

"I'm a bit of a lip balm fiend. I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting formulations but one nourishing option I like for daytime wear is Lips! The shiny finish and delicious pomegranate scent makes it perfect for low-key looks. "

"this little baby got us through 20 hours of recycled air flying and now it is working hard to keep the heat at bay! Definitely a working holiday for this @gotoskincare Lips!"
@thesundayclique on Instagram

"I bought The Lot a while back - loving it all, great stuff, good work, keep it coming - and my dad (56, tradesman, heart of gold) kept complaining that his lips were notoriously cracked/chapped. I gave him my Lips! to try and he won't give it back. I've been ordering it for him for the past couple of months. He's you're biggest fan - but not a fan of the interwebs, so I thought I'd just shoot something through from the both us."
Holl-Jay Dean

"What an amazing product - Lips!"

"Lips really cares for chapped, winter, sore lips and fixes those problems fast, or is perfect to use just as a day-to-day balm to care for lips"

"Best lip product around!!! 💋💕"
@mirandayberry on Instagram

"Go-To Lips! Wins Best All-Rounder! Hydrating and not too thick or sticky."
Cosmopolitan Magazine

"nothing better than coming home to a fresh delivery of LIPS! thank you x"
Rebecca on Facebook

"Got my Lips! And I'm loving life"

"Absolutely Love this product. Smells divine and feels fantastic :)"
@katieparkin on Instagram

"Evie has given @gotoskincare 'lips' her seal of approval. As a lip balm connoisseur this is high praise indeed"
@naomi_notjustamummy on Instagram

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for my order! It was dispatched quickly and packaged elegantly! I love the product packaging and am enjoying using my 'Lips!' and 'Properly Clean'. The 'Lips!' is much better than another organic brand one that I have (yours tastes better and lasts longer!!) and the 'Properly Clean' is easy to use, makes no mess, will last me ages, smells amazing AND cleans well!!"

"Incase you're wondering if your brand spanking new tube of Super Lip Balm will go through the washing machine & dryer - it does! Comes out relatively unscathed!!"
Shelley via Facebook

"I am actually in love with LIPS! they feel amazing & after a solid 8 hours beauty sleep my lips still felt refreshed when I woke up. I wish I purchased go-to products earlier!"
Rebecca via Facebook

"@GoToSkincare's Properly Clean cleanser and Lips! super balm keep us looking fresh when the temperature drops. My current #goto products!"
The Urban Silhouette @TUSFashion

"@GoToSkincare's Properly Clean cleanser and Lips! super balm keep us looking fresh when the temperature drops. My current #goto products!"
The Urban Silhouette @TUSFashion

"I'm travelling at the moment and lips is saving me! plus it's always fun to ask out loud 'where did i put my lips?' and look at people's reactions! 😂😂 💋👄"
@ejwato88 on Instagram

"I love LIPS. I could never go back to using any other lip balm, gloss, chap stick etc."
@madamerebecca on Instagram

"Holy moly! I have only been using Lips for two days and WOW. I usually have to apply a balm every hour to keep my smackers in shape but have found a twice-daily application of Lips gives me far better results. It also allowed a bold red lip to last all day with no flaking or bleeding outside the lip line. Colour me utterly impressed and totally in love. Thank you GoTo, I'll be coming back for more. "

"#gotoskincare getting me through one last Tuesday spent with my face buried in books"
@emdowney_ on Instagram

"This is my fave lip balm ever and I've been known to be a bit of a lip balm junkie! I've just ordered another one to keep in my car @gotoskincare @zotheysay 😍🚙"
@ruqayyaahmed on Instagram

"I recently started using Lips! but unfortunately lost her because she enjoyed freedom more than the inside of my pocket. So I hurriedly clicked 'Express Shipping' along with a few other Go-To products I've been eyeing off. Whilst I waited for Lips! to arrive I went back to using my $3 lip balm. And it hurt. And didn't feel great on my lips. And I just wanted to use Lips! So thank you for ruining me to the point where I now cannot use anything but Lips! "

"Def a savour for dry winter lips! Love it 👍"
@mandibren on Instagram

"Go-To goes to Barcelona!! And to many other places with us :) this little baby got us through 20 hours of recycled air flying and now it is working hard to keep the heat at bay! Definitely a working holiday for this @gotoskincare Lips! 😍"
@thesundayclique on Instagram

"My favourite lip balm is Lips by Go To Skincare ... Trust me, this product won’t leave you dependent on using it all the time. Instead, it will fix your damaged lips and doesn’t leave them sticky."
Nadia Bartel, The Geelong Advertiser

"I have an illness that leaves me incredibly dehydrated, so my skin is a mess and my lips are even worse. I bought your Properly Clean cleanser, and Lips! And will never look back. My skin has never felt so wonderful, and my lips are on the mend."
Carly via Facebook

"Lips! are quite unlike any other product I've ever tried before with the perfect amount of moisture and shine and knowing that there are no nasties in any of your products means I get to enjoy them even more."

"I have been blessed with full, red lips - I admit they are my favourite thing about myself and I feel lucky that the beauty gods chose me to bare them. However, with this great blessing comes great responsibility! For as long as I can remember I have suffered from dry, cracked and just overall sore lips and have literally tried every lip product under the sun. I cannot/will not leave the house without a lip product, because if I go more than 2 hours without applying something over my lips they begin to go downhill fast. This was until I discovered your amazing Lips! product. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION. Two weeks in, and after a brief transitional stage my lips are healthier than they have ever been! They are soft, hydrated and hardly dry out at all anymore. I apply Lips! maybe once every three hours and thats all I need throughout the day. It provides the perfect glossy finish, and smells AMAZING! My lips are so much happier, and I just wanted to write this email to express my gratitude to you, and your genius for saving my lips, especially from this dry cold harsh Victorian winter. "

"Loving my Go-To lips, such an awesome product!! 💋"
@pineapplesandcoconuts on Instagram

"My must-haves are the Exfoliating Swipeys and Lips!"
Danielle, Beauty Ed, Cleo Magazine

"Lips arrived in the mail sore lips have never felt so nice :) Love love love it!!"
Courtney via Facebook

"Best lip stuff ever!!! 💗💗💗"
@themueslibar on Instagram

"Go-To Lips! Wins Best All-Rounder! Hydrating and not too thick or sticky."
Cosmopolitan, September 2015

"Only been a few hours and this lip balm has already changed my life. Thank you."
Jocelyn Savage @jossiesav

"It's hands down the best lip balm I have ever used! My lips were so cracked, dry and sore and were screaming for help and just using the Lips! for 1 day has made them 1000 times better! I can't wait to give the other one to my friend and I will definitely be telling everyone I know how good it is!"

"Best lipgloss EVER! 🙌"
@madamerebecca on Instagram

"My lips were literally about to dry up and fall off when this perfect little package arrived in my box.... It looked so good my 4 year old thought it was a party invitation from his favourite Kinder friend! Not to be... something is for me!!!!!! Ahhhhmazing, thanks Zoe. Best ever lips stuff."
Mrs Wood

"My order of face cream and lip balm arrived quickly in the mail and l absolutely love it! Its the best lip balm lve used in years, so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!"
Sarah via Facebook

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