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Face Hero


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What is it? +

A terrifically powerful, fantastically lightweight face oil that deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes and completely protects the face against bad guys trying to make it unhappy. It's your daily skin booster and new best friend.

Featuring 10 potent, purposefully selected plant and nut oils, Face Hero boasts a bucket load of essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties and write-home-about-it nourishment. It leaves zero residue and penetrates deeply and quickly to hydrate, revive, brighten and insure your face against fine lines, dark spots, dryness and ageing inflammation.

Face Hero is your all-in-one daily skin guardian, and quite frankly, just the hero we've been waiting for.


How do I use it? +

Gently massage five or so drops of Face Hero all over the face and neck - and décolletage if you're feeling generous - after cleansing, and before face cream. (If you use serums, apply Face Hero after those serums.) Also great mixed in to your face cream as a snazzy booster.

Face Hero is suitable for all skin types. It is lightweight enough for sensitive, compromised or oily skins, (because remember, even oily skin needs nourishment) and nourishing enough for very dry, dehydrated or mature skin.


What's in it? +

Almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil, evening primrose oil, buriti oil, arnica oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil, kiwi fruit seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), totarol, rosemary leaf extract, natural fragrance (orange blossom & rose gardenia.) No: Parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic colours, animal testing, diamonds.


Almond oil

A gentle, nourishing oil suitable for all skin types (especially dry and sensitive). Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids, it helps to soften and nourish the skin.

Jojoba oil

The fattiest chain of jojoba oil, jojoba butter has fatty acids similar to those found in the collagen of the skin, making it ideal for helping the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

Macadamia oil

A highly nourishing oil high in Oleic acid (potent moisturizing qualities); it absorbs easily into the skin to moisturise and protect dry, damaged and mature skin.

Brazil nut oil

A highly moisturising oil high in antioxidants, brazil nut oil helps to hydrate the skin and prevent premature aging. Would be the dancing red girl emoji.

Evening primrose oil

Rich in fatty acids including linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid, evening primrose oil is extremely hydrating and helps improve skin tone and texture.

Buriti oil

A hydrating and moisturising oil extracted from the fruit of the moriche palm. Has anti-inflammatory properites that help reduce redness, roughness and irritation.

Arnica oil

A strong anti-inflammatory that helps reduce redness and swelling of the skin.

Rosehip oil

Contains high levels of fatty acids and vitamin C which help to hydrate dry skin and aids in the prevention of wrinkles and premature aging.

Calendula oil

Extracted from calendula flowers, calendula oil is excellent for soothing and calming the skin.

Kiwi fruit seed oil

With high levels of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, kiwi fruit seed oil helps to maintain moisture and prevent skin from drying out. Great fruit salad addition.


A powerful antioxidant that preserves the product AND prevents free radical damage on the skin.


A powerful natural antibacterial and antioxidant extracted from the recycled totara wood.

Rosemary leaf extract

An antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage and the effects of environmental stresses on the skin.

Natural Fragrance

Derived from natural plant extracts. Smells yummo.

Real Reviews By Real People!

And then a hero comes along! Thanks @gotoskincare for bringing this little guy into my life.

V @becca_claire on Instagram

I really love this face oil, it leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated, in the morning your face looks extra bright and radiant.

V spaceofbeauty blog

Face Hero ... My Hero! @gotoskincare

V @michele.roche.taylor on Instagram


V @lucyonopko on Instagram

PRODUCT REVIEW Ok so clearly my husband got the 11 emails I sent with the link to Go-To in the lead up to mother's day! Because I got the goods! Now the main reasons I was dying to get on this skin care band wagon is because lets be honest, I have a girl crush on the creator behind this delicious range Zoe Foster Blake, because it's absolutely one hundred percent cruelty free, and I'm a sucker for beautifully packaged anything really ! I got a gift pack of Go-To goodness of five products one of them being Face Hero. Now I can't talk this product up enough! It's a light weight face oil with ingredients including rosehip oil, almond oil and kiwi fruit seed oil. With a subtle fragrance of orange blossom and rose gardenia it's a full blown skin booster that leaves you feeling hydrated and revitalized! I've been using it on it's own at night and have been mixing a few drops of it through my Very Useful Face Cream in the mornings. My skin is feeling awesome and I'm just putting it out there......I have been receiving complements! No joke......I have! Totes recommend checking out this range if you have dry, oily or combination skin... that's all of you!

V @thefwordfanpage on Instagram

Yesterday while visiting the IT department I had the following conversation with an older work colleague (he is known for his lack of tact...this guy yells at people who take teaspoons away from the kitchen): Him: "What have you done to your face?" Me: stunned silence, then "What do you mean?" Him: "You look like you've had something done. You look five years younger than you used to." I kid you not! I'm 38...the only different thing I have been doing to my skin is using Face Hero day and night since it arrived a few weeks ago. So now you can make a new claim about Face Hero: it may make a work colleague semi-compliment you on looking 5 years younger than you used to! Thanks for creating such a great product!

V Catherine

I've been using face hero for almost 4 weeks now. I had initial break outs, but no acne since, smoother skin, and I'm not wearing makeup anymore. I have psoriasis on my face and it doesn't aggravate it, and I feel like it's starting to improve a bit. If anyone is thinking of buying this, just buy it!!!

V @bumblebree87 on Instagram

Recently I have found a new desire to really start looking after my skin, I have normally been pretty good in this department (or at least I thought I was) but being so busy with bubs I needed something quick and easy, and this change in weather had sent my skin into dryness overload! leaving my skin, sensitive, tight, and blotchy. Thankgod for @gotoskincare this miracle oil has been amazing. My skin is feeling super hydrated, smooth and bright and I'm only a week into using it! Loving this product!!! And I got a fortune cookie in the box when it was delivered #winning

V @jodiemelissamua on Instagram

I have finally started using the Go-To Skincare Face Hero. It was a long time coming and now I can safely proclaim that after 5 days using Face Hero I am hooked. I have very sensitive skin which is prone to redness and inflammation. Face Hero has helped with this, so much so this week I have been able wear no makeup for two entire days...that is right I have been out in public makeup free. It is so incredibly soothing I can only compare it to a recent experience; putting on Face Hero is like putting your GHD burnt finger under a tap of cold running water. It takes away the burn that comes with sensitive skin. I have found that I can actually use Face Hero without the need for another moisturiser. It is rich and nourishing enough to use on its own. On another positive note it smells absolutely delicious. So to conclude beauties this Face Hero lives up to its name and thus comes highly recommended by The Beauty Dean. x

V @thebeautydean on Instagram

Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream leaves my skin feeling the best it ever has! Soft and nourished all day.

V @hoorayforeverything on Instagram

After several weeks of trialling this product, I can only say good things about my skin. It looks and feels more hydrated, as well as fresh and dewy (but never oily) . A look that I think is more flattering than a matte complexion. I have had no clogged pores or breakouts either, which is a huge hip hip hooray. Thanks Zoe Foster Blake, keep up the great work!

V beautyeditornz.wordpress.com

I've had a chemical burn on my face for the last week from a skin treatment gone wrong and absolutely nothing would soothe it... Until Face Hero came along to save the day! It's the only thing that has given me relief and my skin has improved astronomically in the 2 days since I've started using it. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!

V Lisa

This is amazing stuff people's so do yourself a favour a try it!!!

V @lizziek74 on Instagram

I only started using the Face hero oil not long ago and have already fallen in love. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! (Inside and out). I have eczema but some parts of my face are oily which I find hard to accommodate. However, after using the oil my skin is supple and soft and not oily at all, it's dewy and has a nice glow now thank you! Then there was Lips, can't say much, just that it's lip luxury thank you again!

V Vivien

I'm all out and in desperate need! Nothing makes my face feel more hydrated than this. I'm majorly addicted.

V @o.g.krystie on Instagram

If you haven't got onto the face oil bandwagon yet, you really should jump on.

V www.spaceofbeauty.com

I want to say thank you for bringing the world Face Hero. Thank you for my glowing skin and my new streamlined beauty routine; I can't wait to take my makeup off to put Face Hero on of a night plus my skin has never felt more nourished and moisturised whilst working in an air conditioned office after using Face Hero in the morning. I love this essential face oil so much I have converted three women at work and one girlfriend, they tried a sample from my bottle and bought their own the next day!!!! I have less break outs and when my skin does fall into that 'mood' Face Hero takes away the redness and inflammation minimising my self consciousness about it and halving the recovery time. This creation has blown me away, I LOVE it and am on a mission to make ALL my girls a converted Go-To family member just like me! Keep up the good work!

V Lou

...after a week of use I found it to be very delicious and glow-inducing, no doubt due to all the superskinfoody goodness it contains aka rose hip, jojoba, almond, macadamia and more.

V @sigourneycantelo on Instagram

If @zotheysay tells you that this is the best face oil that you have ever tried...BIG CLAIM....but guess what, she is not wrong!!! This little potion will make your face look and feel more amazing than four Instagram filters.

V @lamademoiselle_au on Instagram

We could rave on and on about how this little bottle of goodness repairs, defends, nourishes, hydrates and brightens, or you could give it a whirl for yourself. What have you go to loose except your dull, dry skin?

V www.themakeupboxshop.com

My beautician now also uses @gotoskincare after I recommended it to her after she commented on my skin. Love how the face hero doesn't leave a residue. I use it at night and also under makeup!! #winning

V @claireoshea on Instagram

Hello Go-To team, I just wanted to send a magical computer letter to say a very big thank you!! I ordered my first box of goodies last week and my God! My skin is in heaven!! I can't believe the improvement of how it looks and feels in just a week! I'm loving the Very Useful face cream and the Face Hero is my new hero. I never left the house without make up and now, well these gorgeous products are not only saving me time in the morning but have given me confidence to "go bare" Thanks again. I can't wait to order my next box.

V Stef

The name "Face Hero" is very fitting because it literally saved my face.

V www.beautybucketeer.com

Just wanted to quickly drop you a line to say I totally love the Go-to Face Hero. I was reluctant at first to try a serum as I have oily skin but i am so glad I did! I know you get plenty of emails from women BUT The other person in my house who loves it is my boyfriend!! A couple of years ago he grew a cranking beard but since he has shaved it off his skin was never the same, dry and flakey. I had brought him face moisturisers and nothing worked (not to mention got caught in his face stubble and he had clumps of dried up moisturiser which never penetrated the skin - GROSS). I got him to use the face hero and he loved it just as much as I do. Just last night I was upset because I ran out of it and he was even more concerned. "What am I going to put in my beard now?! It's the only thing that worked!" Needless to say, I know what he will be getting for Xmas now in his santa stocking! Thanks again for making your products and branding so funky I couldn't resist to try them, so glad I did (or I should say we!)

V Nicole (and BF)

Face Hero is my absolute favorite

V @paulomikap on Instagram

Face Hero was admittedly the one product I was most apprehensive about trying. Mostly down to that age old myth that applying an oil to my face will cause breakouts, though that definitely isn’t the case with this facial oil. I use the pipette to pop three to four drops on my finger tips, which I’ve then been massaging into my cheeks, across my nose and my forehead, morning and night. Before I made this part of my daily routine, my skin felt slightly rough and always like it was craving a bit of moisture. After less than a week of using Go-To’s Face Hero, my complexion felt noticeably softer, and it no longer looked dehydrated. Safe to say this has been a total game changer, and a product I’m going to be repurchasing to keep tucked away in my beauty stash.

V @mademoisellejamie on Instagram

Face Hero is life changing.

V @jmp31 on Instagram

I couldn't agree more! I have rosacea and use a steroid cream but since getting pregnant it has really flared up. I have been using @gotoskincare for 2 weeks now and it soo much better! It's the only thing that has helped calm my skin!! Total winner :)

V @larnz82 on Instagram

HERO WORSHIP Packed with a mix of 10 potent plant oils, Go-To Face Hero, $44.95, is a one-stop skin saver.

V Practical Parenting Magazine

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! I was recently diagnosed with dermatitis, now although not severe in the grand scheme of skin diagnosis, it has been quite the kick in the guts for me. I’ve never had problem skin and have taken great care to keep my skin healthy. Just over a year ago I started using Go-To and it’s been a game changer for me. Face Hero, in my humble opinion, is the golden elixir! After the diagnosis I was advised my skin would worsen before getting better and that I should expect severe dryness during the healing process. I was also told to stop all facial products and to only use the prescribed ‘goo’ from the doctors. I didn’t listen of course and have instead used Face Hero morning and night and it’s kept me sane during the healing process! Thank you for creating an incredible product.

V @antheav on Instagram

@gotoskincare @zotheysay I almost can't believe how good face hero is! I had really bumpy eczema on my chin and after two days of face hero I had baby smooth skin! Amazing!

V @sophgoyder on Instagram

...we can vouch for the 10 potent plant oils and antioxidants' hydrating, reviving and fine line/dark spot/dryness hiding.

V Women's Health & Fitness

I got the face hero a few days ago, and it is abso-freaking-lutly the very, very best thing I have ever (and at this stage will ever) put on my skin.

V Lauren - marine biologist, dog enthusiast & devotee of face hero

Hey! Just wanted to share a little love, I got the face hero a few days ago, and it is abso-freaking-lutly the very, very best thing I have ever (and at this stage will ever) put on my skin. I've always been like, Ew oil on your face? Followed by horrible visions of breakouts and shineyness, but I'm completely converted! Like 127% converted, on my tombstone I want it to say: Lauren Mundy, marine biologist, dog enthusiast and devotee of face hero till the very end. So thanks for being awesome smile emoticon Xoxo

V Lauren Mundy on Facebook

I wasn't sure where to leave feedback and didn't want to write a novel on an Instagram comment, but I'd just like to say THANK YOU for creating your amazing products!! Recently I've been suffering awful hormonal acne along my jawline and nothing was helping, it was red, sore and hideous. I started using properly clean, face hero and your moisturiser and I noticed a difference within 3 days! One week later, I have way less acne, my skin feels so amazing and my redness has reduced by at least 95% after only one week. I am amazed and so happy I found these products. The face hero is literally my hero!! So again, thank you!

V Jacqui

I received my Face Hero today....hooray!! I have a pretty severe man flu going on and this oil is heaven for my crusty nose as well!! You're my hero, Face Hero!!!

V Lizzy on Facebook

Face Hero is legit my biggest hero! The amount of time I save on not needing to put my face on in the morning because of this gem is fantastic.

V @hannahjane07 on Instagram

I love this product! two days of using the whole range of @gotoskincare and my skin feels (and smells) amazing!

V @sonia306 on Instagram

I wanted to say how pleased I am that I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase your skin care products. For years my husband has suffered from Rosacea, with no prescriptions creams working. The Doctor suggested he take medication every day for the rest of his life! We did not want to go down this path, so after reading some great reviews for your skin care, we bought Properly Clean and Face Hero. He has been using it daily and in less than two weeks, the red dry patches were gone! It's the best his skin has looked in years, I can't thank you enough. Anyone out there hesitating about buying Go-to don't. It's the best!

V Laura

This is my second bottle of the incredible facial oil and I know it's going to be forever in my skincare routine.

V morethanadored.com

Ive found that it absorbed quickly and could be used even on its own (without moisturiser) and still left skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Even those afraid of heavy oils and lotions may enjoy this as its so light weight and didnt leave a tonne of residue like Ive found other oils to.

V lipsticknlinguine.com

I have always had large pores, particularly on my nose and have loathed them. I've tried every brand of every product that guarantees pore reduction in just a short time but alas they have never worked. I've noticed adding your Face Hero to the mix of my other Go-To product beautifying regime my pores appear smaller. Not sure if this is included on its list of wiz bang benefits but I felt it definitely deserved a mention!

V @simone_eliza on Instagram

Absolutely LOVING your Face Hero and Lips! I have been a staunch devotee of the Nude Facial Oil from Mecca but decided to use your facial oil because A. the packaging was so pretty and B. your marketing is BRILLIANT and makes me believe I NEED all of your products even though my beauty cabinet is busting at the seams. Since switching to Face Hero, my skin has retained it's plumpness and moisture and as an extra added bonus it now has an extra sparkle to it that I have already received compliments on.

V Amelia

Today's no makeup selfie is brought to you by @gotoskincare. Their hero face oil is the only face oil I've reviewed that isn't ... Drumroll... OILY! My skin drinks this product in morning and night, and not only do I awake fresh faced with smooth and bright skin, but it sits under my makeup all day, providing a delightful dewy glow no air-conditioned corporate office can take away from me. A huge thanks to @zotheysay for this little pink bottle of happiness.

V @thenewjennalee on Instagram

Hi Go-To! I just wanted to let you know that you are actual skin wizards performing miracles. My poor fella’s face and body has been plagued with eczema this year and none of his usual treatments (lotions, tablets, steroid cream, black magic) worked. I gave him a little dab of Face Hero to pub under his eyes one night and we saw a huge improvement by the next morning. A few more applications of my favourite oil to his trouble spots had me convinced he needed his own Bro-To pack (I didn’t want to share it all with him - I’m not running a charity here!) He now diligently applies your magic potions to his face and body twice a day and looks a million bucks! So thank you, Go-To, from me, my fella and his eczema-y undereyes.

V @thnhls on Instagram

Thank you @gotoskincare I'm loving Face Hero I got dark spots on my face during my pregnancy & it's looking much better now!! #addictedtofacehero

V @kirstd_mc on Instagram

When this came out I wasn't going to get it - I figured my moisturiser was nourishing enough. Well, don't tell me moisturiser but this stuff is the bomb diggity and I am soooo glad I have it in my life. Aptly named!

V @_merg_ on Instagram

I have always been lucky enough to have really good skin with no pigmentation and very few breakouts. That was until I was breastfeeding my son. I all of a sudden started getting terrible hormonal acne and was left with acne scaring that I felt really self conscious about. I have been using Face hero for a couple of months morning and night and can honestly say that it is helping to fade my scaring and for the first time in quite a while I feel confident enough to leave the house without makeup. I just wanted to say thank you.

V Kylie

Loving my face hero! Finally something that works! Thank you @gotoskincare

V @jengraham81 on Instagram

Absolutely loving face hero, have been using it twice a day since the pre-sale on a nasty red scar that was left behind from a horrible bout of school sores on my face (perks of being a teacher) can honestly say it has really helped to reduce the redness of the scar. Thanks @gotoskincare and @zotheysay

V @laura_duhn on Instagram

I started using the Cleanser and Face Hero a few weeks ago and my skin feels amazing!! Thank you for making such an amazing product! I'm waiting for my current moisturiser to finish so I can buy the face cream too!

V Rebecca

Face hero...or more commonly referred to as "life hero". 06/28/2015.

V @missanels123 on Instagram

I recently had a bad allergic reaction to penicillin, resulting in a horrendous and traumatic all over body rash. Once it cleared my whole body has been dry and peeling. Fun! You know those apps where you take your photo and they make you look really old? That's what my face looked like. I was very concerned I'd be like it forever. My skin was dry, wrinkly and peeling. So I thought I'd try face hero. I ordered it, it arrived quickly and I put it straight to work. Thanks to its amazing powers and to the helpful instructions on your website my face, neck and décolletage have recovered and look better than ever.

V Helen on email

I wanted to tell you how much I love the Face Hero! The oil smells delicious, like no other face oil I have used or smelt! But really, I want to tell you some things people have said to me lately. “No, your skin tone is really even!” “Have you dyed your hair?" “You are looking really great!” “You have lost weight!" “You are glowing!" I have not had this many compliments, since, well, never! So I thank Face Hero: it makes you look like you have lost weight even when you haven’t!

V Emily

Firstly, I apply a generous amount of this face oil all over my face and neck, usually the night before or 30 minutes prior to foundation and concentrating on any dry skin patches and under my eyes. It helps to reduce redness, smooths, moisturises and gives the skin the most beautiful lit from within glow.

V www.rebeccaruhle.com/

Firstly I wanted to say a HUGE well done on creating such amazing products. I use the Face Hero and its changed my entire life. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of putting oil on my skin as I thought I had oily skin. Turns out my skin was incredibly dry and just needed a bit more love and attention. Enter Face hero and I said goodbye to dry oily skin!!!

V Ashlea

Face Hero evened out my skin tone, reduced my redness and somehow gave me a bronze glow in the middle of Melbourne winter? It is literally all my face needs in one sassy, handsome bottle, and is literally is my face's new hero. Although my face still kind of worships Batman. But whatever, Face Hero is my face's hero.

V Noelle

I have Rosacea and have been using face hero for 2 months. My skin is finally calmer and I use less concealer as i no longer have to. My skin is radiant and everyone comments on the change in my skin tone. Couldn't recommend this stuff highly enough!!

V @jess.jansen on Instagram

Winter is well and truly upon us here in Australia. So if you're anything like me and your face is feeling the cold, you NEED to try this amazing face oil. #facehero by #gotoskincare is super at helping to prevent dryness, irritation, fine lines and much much more!

V @rebeccaruhle on Instagram

HERO WORSHIP Packed with a mix of 10 potent plant oils, Go-To Face Hero, $44.95, is a one-stop skin saver.

V Practical Parenting

So it’s been two weeks of using Face Hero and I thought I would provide both some negative & positive feedback. OK, positively my daughter with eczema, has had no reaction and all seems to be good, she is very happy with it and she tells me her face feels great. Now, on the negative side, I decided to give it a try also and that’s the problem. I love it more than my daughter however she tells me I bought it for her and I can’t use it, so I have to sneak into her bathroom of a night to use it. I am now about to purchase another one all for me. Thanks for offering great skin care at an affordable price.

V Lyndal

Total game changer - it's bloody brilliant, my skin is feeling and looking 100% thanks to this litte guy.

V @asheleagoodman via Instagram

I've been using it with my oily skin and it has definitely improved it, after about 3 weeks. Less breakouts, for sure. Feels lovely going on.

V @holly.andrews on Instagram

With good reason @gotoskincare, that stuff is amazing! It soothed my skin wonderfully after I had an allergic reaction to a sunscreen this morning!

V @redambition on Instagram

Consider this an IV drip for your skin.

V Gritty Pretty Magazine

I just want to quickly let you know how much I love Face Hero! I am already in love with Properly Clean but after a week of adding Face Hero to my daily routine I can already see the difference in my skin, I look forward to getting it out in the evening!

V Ciara

Love this stuff! Smells gorgeous!

V @hellburger569 on Instagram

Thank you Go-To...Since starting using the face oil and swipeys before Christmas my skin is awesome so now replacing stuff as it runs out. My psoriasis on my face is barely noticeable which has made me feel better about myself and made me actually leave the house! At this rate I may even go for a night out with people to eat and drink and dance .....Please keep up the great work!

V Karen

I'm in love with Face Hero! Use it at night every night and my skin feels and looks so much better.

V @kimz_75 on Instagram



Real Reviews By Real People!

Hi Go-To! I just wanted to let you know that you are actual skin wizards performing miracles. My poor fella’s face and body has been plagued with eczema this year and none of his usual treatments (lotions, tablets, steroid cream, black magic) worked. I gave him a little dab of Face Hero to pub under his eyes one night and we saw a huge improvement by the next morning. A few more applications of my favourite oil to his trouble spots had me convinced he needed his own Bro-To pack (I didn’t want to share it all with him - I’m not running a charity here!) He now diligently applies your magic potions to his face and body twice a day and looks a million bucks! So thank you, Go-To, from me, my fella and his eczema-y undereyes.

V @thnhls on Instagram
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