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Go-To Videos

Had enough of the words? Want to see some Real Life People talk? Watch our videos! It’s a bit fancy but we're real forward thinkers.

Welcome to all the videos.

Here you can watch skin care tutorials, be dazzled by customer testimonials, see interviews with our founder, Zoë Foster Blake, and check out never-seen-before footage of Channing Tatum rehearsing for Magic Mike. Choose a category or check out our latest videos below!

If I could tell 15 year-old me one thing it would be...

Other than Dawson's Creek won't last forever, what would be the one thing you would tell 15 year-old you?

What's the shittiest thing you've done to your skin?

Scalpels! Lemon juice! Scrambled egg hair! These girls have done it allllllll

What's most confusing about skin care?

Skin care isn't always straight forward. Luckily there is Go-To and we're anything but complicated.

Go-To customers are the absolute best

Zoe Foster Blake talks about some of the customer feedback and testimonials she's received about Go-To's range of skin care products.

New to natural skin care? Tips from Zoe Foster Blake.

Zoe Foster Blake talks about taking out the irritants and synthetics from the products she developed for Go-To skin care, and what to expect if you switch to a natural skin care range like Go-To.

Why choose Go-To skin care by Zoe Foster Blake?

As a beauty editor Go-To Founder Zoë Foster Blake discovered what ingredients worked, rather than what products. She took those ingredients and put them into Go-To skincare.

Why did Zoe Foster Blake create Go-To?

What encouraged Go-To Founder Zoë Foster Blake to create Go-To? (Hint: it?s you!)

Best skin care advice you've been given?

We asked Go-To customers what the best skin care advice they've received is.

Get the most out of your Exfoliating Swipeys

Exfoliating Swipeys are single-use facial pads that powerfully exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Use 2-3 times a week to leave your skin healthy and happy.

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