It’s nice to have new skin care, but it’s REAL nice to know how it all fits with
your face and life and all your other skin care stuff.

Here’s what Go-To founder Zoë Foster Blake recommends:



  1. Use a gentle cleanser, such as Go-To Properly Clean, to remove night-time products and wake up the face/skin/body/brain/elbows.
  2. Optional: Toner
  3. Prescription products (such as acne or pigmentation serums) which must go on clean, dry skin to work
  4. Antioxidant/hydrating serums (antioxidants beautifully protect the skin throughout the day)
  5. Optional: Eye cream
  6. Optional: Daily moisturiser such as Go-To's elegant Very Useful Face Cream
  7. Physical sunscreen (these are mineral/zinc oxide/titanium dioxide-based sunscreens, and are the best choice for thorough UV defence and pigmentation prevention. They go on the skin LAST, just before makeup. The more common chemical sunscreen, which you're probably used to, only works when applied on clean, dry skin, before any other skin care... making it tricky to use serums in the AM, as wearing treatment products over sunscreen will not see them at their most effective. In short? Switch to a physical sunscreen.)
  8. Optional: Primer
  9. BB cream, CC cream, foundation, makeup etc.

*If you are a lo-fi lady, and just pop on some BB or CC cream with broad spectrum SPF 15+ protection each day, you can merge steps 6 to 9. However. I highly recommend wearing a dedicated physical sunscreen each day, (especially if you’re using AHA products) and suggest treating the BB/CC cream as makeup/tinted moisturiser, rather than truly effective UV defence.




  1. Makeup remover or cleansing oil if you are wearing a lot of makeup
  2. A thorough face cleanser such as Go-To Properly Clean
  3. Exfoliate with something clever and foolproof such as Go-To's Exfoliating Swipeys (Swipe 2-3 times a week)
  4. Rinse
  5. Enjoy this cat jumping into a bean bag
  6. Optional: Toner
  7. Prescription products (in particular I speak of retinoids, which should ONLY be applied at night, and first onto clean, dry skin)
  8. Apply Go-To Face Hero all over the face and neck. (Apply our glorious face oil AFTER any serums/actives you use.)
  9. Optional: Eye cream
  10. Go-To Very Useful Face Cream/night cream
  11. Goodnight kiss to yourself in the mirror