(Glowing) Testimonials!

We love knowing Go-To are getting terrific results, and feel so thrilled and privileged being part of someone's journey from woe to glow. But our HUGESTEST joy is when a happy Go-Toer includes some photos. Oh come on, you're the same, we're all pervs, we all want to see proof... especially when it's of unhappy skin transformed into healed, healthy and happy skin.

Here are some of our favourite and most beautiful photo stories. If you have a story to share, email us at info@gotoskincare.com, or call three times to the northern wind when the silver moon hits the foggy lake, and we will know you're ready to tell your tale. Alternatively, just use the tag #gotoskincare on social media. That can sometimes be easier.




"After using Go-To for two weeks, my skin felt healthier than I could remember and the pain from the deep pimples began to subside. But the real game changer for me was Face Hero. After just three days, my skin was no longer RED!"

"I couldn't recommend Go-To enough. It's literally given me back my confidence that bad skin stole from me."


"The face cream has far outweighed all of my expectations. I can't believe it! I am so relieved to have found a moisturiser that not only does not make me react, but one that is actually benefiting my skin!"

"The routine is simple enough for even the laziest of skin care-ers (like myself) and this stuff smells and feels so good you'll actually start to look forward to washing your face."

"After reading all the testimonials I had to give it a crack, and boy I'm glad I did!"


"I am so happy she's got her old confidence back. At 68, she deserves it."

Nell’s Mum ...read the full story

“With Go-To my skin has gone from Winter Face to Amazing Face.”


“I have been using these products for 10 weeks now and I can report that my skin has really improved and is looking so much better and clearer!”

“I’ve always been so embarrassed of it and have never found anything that works to reduce the redness and actually heal my poor lips until now!”

"My skin in starting to glow again and my previous slack routines with other products are now excited routines each morning and night."


“I started using Face Hero for a few months and after about maybe 3 weeks of regular use I noticed a big change in the softness of my skin and it was becoming less and less flaky each day.”

Happy Chappy ...read the full story

"It's been two weeks and my face has cleared up. I swear there is some sort of unicorn fairy dust in these products because nothing has ever worked so well!"


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