“With Go-To my skin has gone from Winter Face to Amazing Face.”

For the last 10 to 15 years I have been suffering from what I call 'Winter Face'. Winter Face is red, itchy, burning skin sustained only during the cold winter time. It was named after a fine young lady, living in Adelaide who had terrible skin, and who lost a lot of confidence because of it. (I'm sure it has a medical name, but I think my name is better.)


With winter 2016 being one of the coldest in a very long time in ye olde Adelaide (insert 'ooh my god, it snowed!'hysteria), the heater has been on more frequently and cue the Winter Face! The heating, as well as having Erythromelalgia (burning man's disease) completely sucked all the moisture out of my face and décolletage and left it with embarrassingly bright red blotches and pain (photo on the left), especially after showering. My face had got so dry it started to flake, making makeup application and a social life difficult. After trying numerous facial moisturisers, cleansers, face scrubs etc. I decided to turn my attention to Go-To. I had been following the incredible brand on Insta for quite some time, but I could just never justify spending the money on 'just facial products.' I know, what a crazy person! I decided enough was enough and needed to seriously do something to fix my Winter Face!


For the past six weeks I have been using Go-To's Properly Clean and Face Hero (no false advertising there!), and started to see results within a week or so. I'm pretty sure the last time my skin was this smooth was when I was a baby, fresh out of the womb! The flaking has disappeared and I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public without makeup (which no woman should ever feel!). My lower neckline now makes me look my age again and not like I&rsquom in my mid-fifties (I'm 25), AND it feels like I have never been sunburnt there before (guilty! Oops!).


I only wish I started using Go-To earlier. Then I wouldn't be so self-conscious, especially when I'm working as a secondary school teacher constantly wondering if my makeup is peeling away, or expecting to be called out for having a red face when the heating starts to get too much (it's true, kids can be cruel sometimes). Thankfully, this has never happened!


With Go-To my skin has gone from Winter Face, to Amazing Face (pun intended, Zoe). Cleansing with Properly Clean and applying Face Hero, particularly at night before going to sleep, ensures my face feels smoother than a peach when I wake up in the morning. My face has never felt so good! I am really looking forward to trying the other products which, with no doubt, will make my face Amazinger! (There it is again!)


You will never again hear me say 'just facial products.' What a fool I was!